Terms & Conditions



  • Your child’s first lesson is free, without obligation.

  • If a child wishes to leave, advance notice of one term is necessary.

  • There is a registration fee of £15 which is payable upon application to the School.

  • We require that the application form is completed and returned to us upon attending his/her First lesson.

  • Lessons payable by monthly standing order.

  • Fees are not refundable.



All schools have rules but we try to keep our rules to a minimum and they are there for a good reason.

  • Pupils MUST wear the SRS regulation uniform labelled with your child's name.

  • No children are to chew sweets or eat in class but may bring a bottle of water.

  • You must inform your teacher of any injury prior to class.

  • No jewellery to be worn in class or on stage

  • Children are not to wait outside any of our venues waiting to be picked up - Parents must come in to collect them.

  • All children must attend rehearsals they are called to, unless we are advised in advance. Failure to do so may result in them being removed from the production.

  • All costumes and choreography are the property of the SRS and may not be used for anything other than our productions. If costumes are damaged you may be asked to pay for a replacement.

  • A terms notice is required for children leaving the School.



We are a happy and successful School with a very high standard to keep up. Whilst our classes are fun, we also demand hard work from all our pupils.


As parents, you are paying for them to learn to dance and as pupils, we want them to be proud of their achievements.


Some of our parents have talents to offer; productions will have many costumes, props and sets in it.If you feel you would like to get involved please contact your principal or teacher.