As your children have been at home for months now, It's understandable that you probably feel uneasy about letting them join in a group activity, so here are a few details which I hope may put your mind at rest and encourage you to send your children to join us, in a Safe - Fun Day



Prior to returning to classes, please complete the Coronavirus Self-declaration Form and the Track & Trace Contact Form.

To implement our track and trace system, ALL pupils must complete both forms prior to returning to class.



Drop off / Entrance

Children to arrive NO LONGER THAN 5 minutes before their lessons

Social distanced queuing must be adhered to.

Children will be signed in, and their temperature taken at the door before entry to the building. 

Parents will not be permitted to enter the building to ensure numbers are kept within the allowed parameters. 

We will be providing hand gel & all students will need to use it before entering.Then the students will be chaperoned to their individual marked places.



Dance Attire

Children should come dresses, ready to dance. 

Please bring a named water bottle (no juice/fizzy drinks)

There are no storage facilities so belongings must be kept to a minumum (no toys, snack or unecessary items)



Air circulation

To prevent contamination, Air conditioning systems will not be used.

All windows and doors (except main entrances) will be open during the day to allow ventilation.


Dance space

Allocated 2-3m apart, places for children with markings on the floor to let them know where to stand and show their own spaces. 



Class numbers

15 children max per bubble




Only one child at a time may go to the toilet and toilets will be used alternately and cleaned often,  children will be required to wash their hands thoroughly.  



If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Miss Deryn on 07590697356



We are constantly receiving updated information from the government and IDTA and will be adjusting where necessary.


Click here if you wish to consult our Risk Assessment.